Purchase License

The service is charged according to the number of users of the computer (declining per user).
Rates are based on a total cost that includes software usage, free upgrades, 24/7 high availability, backups, secure access and support.
The license, while data storage is active, is maintained for 21 days, with the option to download and delete the monitoring via the client panel.
After purchase, if you have questions or need help with installation, we provide remote support via TeamViewer. For more details talk to our support by clicking here .

1º - Select the number of computer (s)/user (s):

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  • After we receive payment confirmation, we will send the instructions to the email above.
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2nd - Select the tool (s) to be licensed:

   Displays the screens of all computers in miniature (FREE) (See example)
  Spy in Full Screen (Watch the PC Screen in real size) (See example)
  Screen + Typing (Watch the PC Screen + the Typing Keys) (See example)
  WebCam Security (I watched the WebCam and alert when it detects movement) (See example)
  Ambient Sound (Listens to Sound and alerts when noise is detected) (See example)
  Geo Location (Displays the computer's physical location via IP) (See example)
  Typed Keys (Records everything typed on the keyboard) (See example)
  Sites Accessed (Records all sites accessed) (See example)
  Photos on the Screen (Takes photos from the computer screen) (See example)
  Screen Recording (Records the PC Screen in video) (See example)
  WebCam recording (Records the Webcam when motion is detected) (See example)
  Recording Microphone (Records ambient sound around the PC) (See example)
  Pen-drive recording (Writes the structure of media files) (See example)
  Work Statistics (Calculates the time in focus in the applications) (See example)
  Blocks Sites and Programs (See example)
The release is automatic when we receive notification from the bank.
Average time: PayPal 3 minutes , Moip card 5 minutes/ticket up to 3 days , PagSeguro card 5 minutes to 1 day/ticket up to 3 days , and for Account deposit 6 hrs on working days ).




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R$0 you earn 3 months

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2. Choose the bank and make the transfer.
3. Send the receipt and a print of this completed screen to
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Agency: 1565
Current account: 32.201-1
CNPJ: 28.482.380/0001-67